Week of October 22-October 29


redribbonweekThis week is red ribbon week, be sure to check out all the spirits for this week here.  As the largest and oldest drug prevention program in the United States, the Red Ribbon Campaign® has reached and positively impacted millions of young people.  Don’t forget to discuss with your child the importance of Red Ribbon Week.


costume parade clipartOn Friday we will “Scaring Away Drugs” with our annual costume parade. Please note the guidelines below as your prepare your child for the event.  After the parade we will be having our “Trick or Trunk” event hosted by PTA.  Students will need to have a change of clothes to wear after all Friday’s events have ended.  For those students who are not participating, we will prepare an alternative learning activity for them.

A few reminders about the parade…

  • No costumes depicting violence
  • No props that resemble or could act as weapons
  • No bare midriffs
  • Masks are permitted for the parade walk only. However, Masks that depict violence or blood are NOT allowed.
  • If your child’s costume involves face paint or make-up they need to bring something to get it off (baby wipes) as there are NO paper towels in the bathrooms. Parents you are welcome to stay and help your child take it off after the parade as well.

Snapshot of the Week

  • Monday, October 22: Dress to Impress-Wear Future Job Outfit
  • Tuesday, October 23: “Our Futures are Bright” Wear neon clothes and sunglasses
  • Wednesday, October 24: ‘Say “No” to Drugs is our Goal’ Wear Sports Clothes/ BMX Healthy Living Assembly (1:00 p.m.)
  • Thursday, October 25: “We Love Ourselves too Much to Do Drugs” Wear Red
  • Friday, October 26: “Scare Away Drugs!” You’re your Halloween Costume/Costume Parade (8: 30 a.m.)/“Trick or Trunk” (9:15 a.m.)

Upcoming Events

  • October 30-DAC/DELAC Meeting
  • October 31-Height and Weight Project
  • November 8-School Site Council Meeting

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